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Schedule of Sessions

[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for TVOT NYC 2013, our fourth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show event (Wednesday, December 11th, at 450 W. 31st Street, New York NY).

A PDF version can be downloaded here.

TVOT NYC 2013 will pack all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show into a highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day event. It also represents your last best chance to network and do business with your industry peers before the holiday break!

Tickets to the event (priced at $1,075) are still available for purchase here. We advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.

Please note that:

  • The official Twitter hashtag of the show is #TVOTNYC, and the official Twitter account is @TVOTshow.
  • We will be announcing more details about a number of TVOT NYC 2013 panels, firesides and presentations in upcoming issues of the [itvt] newsletter.
  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) will be collocating an IAB Agency Day event at TVOT NYC 2013. We will be announcing more details in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter.


UPDATED 12/5/2013 

Registration and Breakfast

10th Floor
Opening Address

Opening remarks by [itvt] Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow.

10th Floor
Opening Fireside

We will be announcing more details about this session in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter.

10th Floor
TV Everywhere: Catalyst for the TV of Tomorrow?

After a somewhat slow start, TV Everywhere (TVE) appears to be gaining significant momentum, with, for example, NBCUniversal now offering TVE services for 15 of its 18 channels, and even long-time holdout Discovery Communications finally announcing its first TVE deal. However, while it seems clear that TVE will have a major impact on the business and the user experience of television--thanks to such phenomena as binge-viewing and the data-generation and interactivity that IP delivery makes possible--the exact nature of that impact is still very much up for debate.

This session will attempt to identify the most significant recent developments in TVE, and to anticipate how they will impact television's roadmap over the coming year and beyond--from the perspective of broadcasters and content providers, pay-TV operators, the advertising business, viewers and other stakeholders. Issues to be explored include: the relative importance of live and on-demand content to the future of TVE; the potential for TVE to generate unprecedented amounts of highly accurate viewing data, with the improved ad-targeting that this enables; the ways in which operators and broadcasters are planning to monetize online views, and how they are adapting their advertising-sales arms to take advantage of TVE; whether and how TV programming, with its traditional episodic structure, needs to be re-imagined in order to take into account the "binge-viewing" that TVE enables; the significance of the fact that viewers are increasingly accessing programming through TVE apps and Web sites with rich interactive- and social-TV features; the implications of a recent, significant uptick in TVE consumption on IP-connected "living-room TV" devices such as Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TV's, and how this is impacting Web-based and iOS/Android-device viewing; and how best to improve content discoverability and personalization, subscriber-authentication and other elements of TVE's user experience in order to foster the medium's continued growth. Panelists include:

  • David Algranati, SVP of TV Product Innovation, Rentrak
  • Sherry Brennan, SVP of Sales Strategy and Development, Fox Networks
  • Steve Donohue, Editor, FierceCable (Moderator)
  • Chris Faw, SVP of Operations, Time Warner Cable Media
  • John Harran, VP of Business Development and Multiplatform Distribution, Turner Broadcasting
  • Mark Garner, SVP of Business Development, Analytics and Distribution Marketing, A+E Networks
  • Jeremy Helfand, VP of Video Solutions, Adobe
  • Matt Strauss, SVP and General Manager of Video Services, Comcast Cable

12th Floor West
Advertising Innovators: Lessons from the Field

This session will feature a panel composed of companies with extensive experience deploying interactive-/social-/advanced-TV advertising in the real world, as well as the co-author of a major new research study on viewers' second-screen usage and its implications for the advertising industry. Panelists will discuss a range of interactive advertising formats and platforms--second-screen, single-screen, online, connected-TV, and more--share what they have learned from their efforts to deploy those offerings and from viewers' responses to them, and outline how these learnings are helping shape their companies' future moves in the advanced-TV advertising space. Questions to be addressed include: How have the panelists' companies been forced to adapt their advanced-advertising offerings as a result of real-world usage? What kinds of skepticism and resistance had to be overcome in order to secure deployment of these formats and platforms and from which industry parties (agencies, brands, etc.)? How best to educate the industry about the benefits of new advertising formats/platforms? And what new advanced-TV advertising formats/platforms are likely to emerge over the coming months and years? Panelists include:

  • Tal Chalozin, CTO, Innovid
  • Allison Dollar, CEO, ITV Alliance (Moderator)
  • Helen Katz, SVP of Research, The Pool/Vivaki
  • David Kline, COO, Ensequence
  • Pooja Midha, SVP of Digital Ad Sales and Operations, ABC
  • Tobias Schmidt, CEO, Wywy
  • Jeff Siegel, SVP of Global Media Sales and Marketing, Rovi
  • Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution

12th Floor East
Live Radio Broadcast: Conversations on the Future of Commerce and Content

In the first half of this two-part interview session--which will be hosted by Simon Applebaum and broadcast live on his popular Internet radio show, "Tomorrow Will Be Televised"--Gabe Greenberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Delivery Agent, will discuss the emerging tcommerce space, addressing such questions as: What are the most significant recent deployments of tcommerce and what has been learned from them? What role will social media play in the evolution of tcommerce? What challenges and opportunities are entailed by integrating tcommerce into advertising and programming respectively? What roles will be played in the future of tcommerce by smart TV, the second screen and the pay-TV set-top box? And which new technologies, media and other industry developments are most likely to impact the tcommerce space going forward?

In the second-half of the session, representatives from two very different kinds of content provider--Tom Morgan, CEO of Net2TV, a start-up that curates and packages short-form videos into full-length programs that it then distributes through smart TV's, tablets and laptops, and Laurie Lawrence, CMO of Vubiquity, a prominent content aggregator and distributor with extensive links to the worlds of cable and network TV --will discuss and debate the various emerging phenomena that are likely to impact the content space going forward. Issues to be addressed include: The implications of the increasing popularity of "Binge Viewing"; the ways in which IP-connected hybrid-TV platforms and new content-discovery/personalization technologies have the potential to break down the distinctions between traditional and broadband programming; the impact of such services and platforms as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Xbox and smart-/connected-TV sets on the kinds of content now being developed; the increasing importance of interactive- and social-TV apps in the delivery and consumption of programming; and the roles being played in content development by crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, venture capital and other sources of financing.


12th Floor East
ACR and Smart TV: New Interactive TV Experiences from Showtime Networks

In conversation with Simon Applebaum, Producer/Host of "Tomorrow Will Be Televised," David Preisman, VP of Interactive TV at Showtime Networks, will showcase that company's new interactive TV apps, which take advantage of the incorporation of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology into smart-TV devices.

10th Floor
Superheroes of the Second Screen

This session represents the first time that so many of the leading companies in the second-screen interactive-/social-TV space have appeared together on an industry panel. Following what has clearly been a year of consolidation and re-invention, representatives of these companies will share the lessons they have learned to date, discuss the state of the second-screen industry today, and outline their companies' respective visions for its future. Questions to be addressed include: What has been learned about the second-screen viewer and his/her likes and dislikes? What have been the biggest missteps and the biggest successes in the space to date? What kinds of features, content and experiences are proving most effective on the second screen? What kinds of programming are working best with the second screen and what kinds are best left unenhanced? What is making money and why? And what changes can we expect in the second-screen space over the coming months and years? Panelists include:

  • Greg Consiglio, President and COO, Viggle
  • Mick Darling, CEO, Tomorrowish (Special Agent Provocateur)
  • Carlos Diaz, CEO, Kwarter
  • Jason Forbes, EVP/General Manager, zeebox USA
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (Moderator)
  • Stacy Jolna, CMO, ConnecTV
  • Kevin McGurn, Chief Revenue Officer, Shazam
  • Brad Pelo, CEO, i.TV

12th Floor West
Newsmakers: Ensequence

Last September, long-established interactive-TV technology provider, Ensequence, announced that, in the first quarter of 2014, it would launch AdConneqt+, a cross-platform, single-screen ITV advertising network with a national footprint. According to the company, the network has the potential to reach as many as 75 million households.

In this special "newsmaker" session, Ensequence CEO, Peter Low, will cast light on his company's business strategy--explaining how and why it is transitioning from a pure-play technology vendor into a technology-backed ad-sales business. He will also provide insight into AdConneqt+ itself--outlining how Ensequence has been building relationships with distributors (including cable, satellite, telco and smart TV) in advance of the service's launch, and how the company believes it can draw on its ITV technology expertise, in order to provide an intuitive interface for quickly developing interactive ads that offer a reliable, consistent and viewer-friendly experience across multiple different platforms.

Low's presentation will conclude with the announcement of several new partnerships for AdConneqt+.

12th Floor West
Focus on BrightLine: Dispatches from the Front lines of an Advertising Revolution

The co-founders of BrightLine, a technology solutions company that has received considerable acclaim in the business and trade press for its rich media advertising on TV and other video platforms, will discuss the "revolutionary" market forces they are experiencing first hand; and explain how TV rich media is poised to explode as connected/smart technologies continue to take over the living-room experience.

About BrightLine: BrightLine's advertising solutions are centered on a universal design framework which makes possible a range of data-driven viewer experiences that are proven to increase consumer engagement, brand recall, purchase intent, and sales. Since its launch in 2003, the company has executed over 500 interactive campaigns in over 90 million households, for such prominent brands as American Express, GM, L'Oreal and Unilever. Its campaigns are powered by its proprietary iQ software suite, which is designed to aggregate consumer-behavior trends and historical results, in order to inform the design implementation of integrated, programmatic advertising experiences. iQ and the company's other technology solutions are platform-agnostic and run across all TV platforms, including cable, satellite, telco-TV, gaming consoles, smart TV's, smartphones and tablets. Presenters:

  • Jacqueline Corbelli, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, BrightLine
  • Rob Aksman, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, BrightLine

12th Floor East
Big Data: Friend or Foe?

This session is the first half of a two-part TVOT NYC 2013 mini-track on Big Data, which brings together some of the most influential experts and thought leaders in that space--as well as executives who have been at the forefront of applying Big Data to television and advertising--in order to elucidate the Big Data phenomenon and to examine its potential impact on programming, advertising and the business and viewer experience of television in general.

Panelists in this debate-driven segment of the mini-track will explore the ways in which Big Data, with its ability to provide insights into viewer behavior, has the potential to have a positive impact on multiple parts of the TV ecosystem, from the creative side, through media planning and buying, to delivery to the viewer. At the same time, the panelists will attempt to ascertain whether the current fascination with Big Data is, in fact, a distraction from what is important in television and could actually be detrimental to the medium--by seducing us into abandoning time-tested business practices and the creativity and originality that make for great programming and advertising, in favor of rigid methodologies borrowed from a science that is still arguably in its infancy and whose relevance to the television experience is still very much up for debate. Panelists include:

  • Bill Feininger, SVP of Media Measurement, FourthWall Media
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (Moderator)
  • Michael Hirschorn, CEO, Ish Entertainment
  • David A. Schweidel, Associate Professor of Marketing, Goizueta Business School, Emory University
  • George Shababb, President, Kantar Media Audiences
  • Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds

Schmoozing and Networking Break

10th Floor
Second-Screen Q&A

In separate Q&A sessions with Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst at Piksel, representatives of two leading companies in the second-screen interactive-/social-TV space--Anthony Rose, CTO of zeebox, and Rich Riley, CEO of Shazam--will share the lessons learned from their deployments to date, their views on the challenges and opportunities ahead, and their visions for the future of interactive and social TV across all platforms. Questions from the audience will be strongly encouraged.

12th Floor West
Cable RDK Fireside

Earlier this year, Time Warner Cable and Comcast formed RDK Management, LLC to manage and expand adoption of the Reference Design Kit (RDK), software for set-top boxes that is designed to accelerate the deployment of next-generation video devices and services. In this session, Time Warner Cable's SVP of Technology, Matt Zelesko, sits down with Multichannel News' Technology Editor, Jeff Baumgartner, to discuss why attendees, programming network and agency executives, as well as app developers, should be tracking the roll-out of the RDK and the impact a common technology stack could have on the people building the television experience of the future. The conversation will include what the RDK is and what it is not, how RDK Management, LLC believes the RDK can shorten the design-deploy-deliver cycle and why it matters outside the STB supply chain, the path to converged gateway boxes, and implications for TV operators around the world. Zelesko will also look ahead at the goals and challenges facing the RDK in 2014. A Special Guest will provide insight into the vendor's experience developing for the RDK.

12th Floor West
Fireside: Cable's Technology Roadmap

This fireside session will explore recent developments in cable-TV technology and infrastructure, identify the challenges and opportunities to which these developments are giving rise, and attempt to outline cable's technology roadmap for the coming months and years.

Issues to be discussed include cable's ongoing transition to an IP-based and multiplatform medium; RDK and its impact on bringing innovation to the set-top box; how to foster and manage a developer community that is committed to building innovative cable apps; the lessons learned to date from cable's roll-out of TV Everywhere; the significance of cloud-based approaches to the cable UI/UX; and the respective roles television and broadband are likely to play in cable's future. Panelists include:

  • Philip Brennan, VP of TV Technology, S3 Group
  • John Callahan, Independent Consultant

12th Floor East
How Big Is Big Data?

This session--the second-half of TVOT NYC 2013's two-part mini-track on Big Data--is designed to deepen attendees' understanding of the science and industry of Big Data, and thereby their understanding of Big Data's potential impact on advertising, television and video. Questions to be addressed include: How big is Big Data--is it being overhyped or is all the excitement and interest justified? Who are the top players in Big Data, what threats do they face, and how likely are they to maintain their primacy? What are the most significant use-cases of Big Data in the television and advertising space that have occurred to date? How are the changes Big Data is causing in advertising likely to impact TV in general? How will Big Data impact MSO's, networks, agencies and brands specifically--who will emerge as winners and who, if anyone, will lose? How exactly can advertising- and television-industry players use Big Data to leverage losses and maximize revenue? And how will the Big Data space--and its relationship to the television and advertising industries--evolve over the next few years? Panelists include:

  • Krishan Bhatia, EVP of Digital Strategy and Operations, NBCUniversal
  • Ed Falconer, Executive Director of Marketing Analytics, Ogilvy & Mather
  • Brian Gleason, Managing Director, North America, Xaxis
  • Scott Howe, President and CEO, Acxiom
  • Bob Ivins, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare
  • Jason Meil, Managing Director, New Products and Innovation, SSA & Company (Moderator)

10th Floor
Keynote Presentation by David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels

David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels, will cast light on his company's new television strategy, including its digital-/interactive-/social-TV plans--showing how that strategy is rooted in NatGeo's history and remit; how it responds to the company's current-day position in the market; and how it will likely evolve going forward. Among other things, he will show how the company's stable of interactive-TV shows--which include the highly successful series on neurobiology, "Brain Games"--use interactivity and social media to improve audience engagement, both during scheduled broadcast and between episodes and seasons. Following his presentation, Lyle will take questions from the TVOT NYC 2013 audience.

Lunch, Schmoozing and Networking

10th Floor
TV Advertising 2.0 Is Here: Is the Industry Ready?

This session will identify the most significant new technologies, platforms, business models and strategies currently disrupting the TV advertising space, and attempt to determine their potential long-term impacts on that space. Panelists will assess both how ready the established industry is to embrace these emerging phenomena, and how well the providers of new advertising technologies and platforms are catering to the real-world needs of that industry. Panelists will also explore how well technology innovators are evangelizing new advertising technologies to agencies and how effectively agencies in turn are educating brands about the benefits of those technologies. Phenomena to be explored include dynamic ad insertion, programmatic buying, real-time bidding, unified TV/digital buying, big data, targeting/addressability, cross-platform measurement, and more. Panelists include:

  • Matt Bayer, VP of Advanced TV, Magna Global
  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Tim Hanlon, CEO, The Vertere Group (Moderator)
  • Walt Horstman, General Manager, AudienceXpress
  • Rick Mandler, VP of Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Digital Media Group
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing, Canoe
  • Dina Roman, SVP of North American Sales, Adap.tv

12th Floor West
Newsmakers: Visiware--Second-Screen Advertising in Practice: Case Study and Demonstration

Visiware's second-screen solutions are used by many of the world's leading television networks, media companies, and content producers and have been deployed in 20 countries, on 1,500+ televised airings. Over the past two years, the company has established itself as a major second-screen presence in television sports--enhancing, among other things, cycling's Tour de France, soccer's World Cup Qualifiers, MLB baseball's World Series, NFL football, and boxing and rugby matches.

In this "newsmaker" session, Visiware's Founder and Executive Chairman, Laurant Weill, and the company's Chief Development Officer and General Manager for North America, Harris Larney, will provide an inside look into how ESPN and the NFL monetize its second-screen solutions via advertising and sponsorship partnerships with such prominent brands as Allstate, State Farm, Gillette and Citi.

Visiware will announce and showcase its new second-screen ad platform solution, Sync2Ad, which--[itvt] can reveal--will debut shortly with a leading US sports network. Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to participate in a live demo of Sync2Ad, in which they will be able to download and experience the solution for themselves, and view and interact with real advertising examples that the platform powers.

12th Floor West
Newsmakers: iPowow

Executives from iPowow--a Santa Monica-based "Participation TV" company whose international roster of clients includes such prominent media companies as ESPN, Fox Sports, UFC, NBC, A&E, and USA Network--will discuss the company's strategies and best practices for engaging an average 10% of a program's viewers, integrating brands with the TV story and connecting those brands directly with the viewer via the second screen, monetizing second-screen experiences, and increasing ratings.

The presentation will conclude with the announcement of a significant new partnership for iPowow. Presenters include:

  • Gavin Douglas, Chief Commercial Officer, iPowow
  • Colin Hornett, Executive Producer, iPowow


12th Floor East
Changing Habits: Content-Discovery and the TV of Tomorrow

This session--featuring both companies with solutions for discovering programming and companies with solutions for discovering content related to the program one is watching--will attempt to identify the most significant recent developments in the content-discovery space, and to anticipate how these developments will impact the business and the user experience of television going forward.

Questions to be addressed include: How are content-discovery companies adapting their offerings to take into account the "binge-viewing" phenomenon? What kinds of metadata are most effective at driving viewing decisions and how are they most effectively presented to the viewer? What kinds of data about the viewer are new content-discovery platforms bringing to light and how are those data being used and monetized? What is the ongoing impact on the content-discovery space of Twitter (see, for example, Comcast/NBCUniversal's recent unveiling of its "See It" offering), Facebook and other social media? What is the potential of new content-discovery solutions to fundamentally change the way we experience the TV interface, making traditional concepts such as channels and schedules less important to the viewer, and transforming television into a highly personalized experience that treats premium programming, longtail content and broadband video as equal elements of a programming line-up determined purely by each viewer's interests? And do new solutions that enable viewers to monitor multiple live programs at once for the segments that interest them or to constantly access an array of information and multimedia content thematically related to the show they are watching have the potential to bring about a re-invention of our concept of the television program? Panelists include:

  • Bill Bradford, COO, Thuuz
  • Martin Focazio, Managing Director of Strategic Services, EPAM Empathy Lab (Moderator)
  • Nikos Iatropoulos, CEO, Lingospot
  • Shannon Oborne, VP of Marketing, TMS
  • Bob Shallow, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Rovi
  • Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit/NextGuide
  • John Zelenka, EVP of Business Development and Strategy, Digitalsmiths

10th Floor
Television Content in the Age of Social Media: Opportunities and Challenges

Networks and content creators are faced with a rapidly evolving world of social platform management. This session will explore how the new social ecosystems that these players must now master create both opportunities and challenges.

Personalization, small data and real-time response are things that active TV fans now regularly expect, thanks to the convergence of these social ecosystems with television. But at what cost? Are networks currently equipped to handle these new foundational elements of storytelling? While the "unified screen experience" sounds like a storyteller's utopia, what are its pitfalls and how can networks and content creators avoid them? Panelists include:

  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital Media, Bravo
  • Claire McHugh, CEO, Axonista
  • Jesse Redniss, Chief Strategy Officer, Mass Relevance (Moderator)
  • Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit Media
  • Hardie Tankersley, VP of Digital Product, Platforms and Innovation, Fox Broadcasting

12th Floor West
Understanding the Economics of the TV 2.0 Ecosystem
This session will explore the economic implications the TV 2.0 ecosystem, in which content owners can disintermediate distributors, etc. and get right to a TV through a range of marketplaces. Some of the questions to be addressed include: Who stands to gain the most in the world of Internet-enabled TV 2.0? What is the impact on revenue and profit for legacy players? Is the new TV industry ready for business models that are primarily advertising-revenue based? And are the economics of the new ecosystem developed enough to support new content development? Panelists Include:

  • Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners
  • Steve McNally, VP and General Manager of Digital, Parade Magazine
  • Jeff Minsky, Director of Emerging Media, OMD Ignition Factory
  • Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds (Moderator)
  • Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst, Piksel

Schmoozing and Networking Break

10th Floor
Sports, TV Everywhere, and the Interactive Viewer

Through the prism of sports content, a panel composed of representatives from broadcast, pay-TV, professional sports and the vendors that serve those constituencies will examine how TV Everywhere and other forms of digital video entertainment are evolving from simple streaming of video into new products and services offering both live and on-demand programming that is highly interactive. This programming is being delivered to viewers over a range of devices via apps and HTML5 browsers, in multiscreen video streams, social media feeds and a variety of other interactive and social formats--each of which offers sports programming distributors and rights holders its own unique challenges and opportunities for viewer engagement and monetization.

Questions to be addressed by the panel include: Which Internet-connected devices offer the most robust features for interactive viewing of content? What marketing tactics work best for activating viewers and keeping them on premium broadband sports video services? What are the key app features and design elements that viewers desire, and how exactly can these features  be used to drive longer engagement times and more effective monetization? How can the viewer experience of TV Everywhere and other broadband video sports services be improved via personalization and other new capabilities? How important are international markets to the providers of these services and how are those providers marketing their OTT products internationally? And how is the ability to deliver rich, interactive video services on digital platforms affecting providers' content strategies in general? Panelists include:

  • Pary Bell, VP and General Manager of Digital Media, Rogers Media
  • Scott Levine, SVP of Products, Univision
  • Chris Schlosser, VP of MLS Digital, Major League Soccer
  • Frans Vermeulen, SVP of Revenue and Strategy, FreeWheel
  • Chris Wagner, Executive Vice President, NeuLion (Moderator)

12th Floor West
Innovation at the Intersection of TV and Broadband

This session--which will feature extensive audience participation--will explore the creative and business opportunities that are being made possible by the convergence of television and broadband across both first and second screens. Panelists--who are drawn from companies which are providing hardware, software, apps and programming offerings that take advantage of this convergence in order to enable viewers to enjoy television in multiple new ways--will engage in a dialog with audience members, with the goal of answering such questions as: How is the convergence of TV and IP broadband enabling a re-invention of the user experience of television? What new forms of programming and advertising content is it giving rise to? What role is being played by the TV app in the ecosystem of connected devices--is it emerging as a platform in its own right with an identity across first and second screens? How are early adopters and viewers in general responding to the ongoing explosion of TV innovation? How does the re-imagining of television for the age of IP broadband relate to the bottom line? And what new forms of programming, user experiences and business models should we expect to see at the intersection of TV and broadband going forward? Panelists include:

  • Jeroen Ghijsen, CEO, Metrological Media
  • Juan Pablo Gnecco, Senior Director of Multiscreen Innovation, Samsung
  • Stuart Lipson, Principal, Leap Media Group (Moderator)
  • Mark Risis, VP of Interactive Advertising, TiVo
  • Eric Shih, VP of Business Development, Scripps Networks (ulive)

10th Floor
Dragons of Design: Mapping the Crossroads of Design and Technology

This session will explore how TV UI/UX designers are adapting and innovating in response to a range of emerging phenomena in the advanced-TV space, including TV Everywhere; broadcast-synchronized second-screen interactivity; 4K resolution; natural user interfaces; rich metadata; programming-discovery technologies; and more.

Examples of innovative TV UI/UX designs--including designs submitted by [itvt] readers as part of [itvt]'s "Interface Showcase" contest--will be examined and critiqued by a panel composed of 1) members of [itvt]'s go-to team of prominent design experts, "The Dragons of Design" (first featured in our spring 2013 show in San Francisco); 2) representatives of companies which are developing new technologies and media that promise to change the TV user experience; and 3) an executive who is charged with mediating between a) the promise of new, interactive/advanced TV designs and technologies and b) the real-world practicalities of the pay-TV business.

In addition to exploring the intersection of TV design and technology innovation, the panelists will vote to select the winner of the TVOT NYC 2013 "Interface Showcase" contest. Panelists include:

  • Christy Martin, Chief Technical Advisor, ThinkAnalytics
  • Curt Dowdy, VP of Marketing and Client Services, Audible Magic
  • John Gilles, Director of New Media, Code and Theory
  • Chris Kuhrt, ITV Product Manager, Dish Network (Realist)
  • Dewey Reid, VP of Design for Mobile and Emerging Products, Yahoo
  • Bill Sheppard, Director of TV and Living Room, Nuance Communications
  • Thomas Williams, User Experience Director, Ostmodern
  • Wes Williams, Director of Product Management, Scripps Networks (Moderator)

12th Floor West
Connecting TV Ads to Mobile Wallet Experiences--Will 2014 Be the Year?

Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Roku--in the race to connect TV ad impressions to mobile wallet-based marketing experiences, some clear leaders (and usual suspects) are starting to emerge on the landscape. But how soon will the convergence of TV advertising and mobile-wallet experiences take place, and what will the criteria for success be? Which players are currently testing the solutions that will enable this convergence, and what are they learning about what works and what doesn't? And should the ability to connect TV advertising to mobile wallet experiences be viewed in the light of previous attempts to implement tcommerce--or as a new beast entirely?

Led by [itvt] columnist, Will Kreth, and taking off from a series of columns he recently authored on the opportunities presented by the convergence of TV advertising and mobile wallets, this session will feature a panel of connected-TV and mobile practitioners who will share their views on the race from the big screen to the small one, and explain how a new TV advertising/commerce ecosystem might just emerge overnight. Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, VP of TV and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates
  • Juan Pablo Gnecco, Senior Director of Multiscreen Innovation, Samsung
  • Will Kreth, [itvt] Columnist (Moderator)
  • Michael Rogers, Principal, Practical Futurist
  • Scott Rosenberg, VP of Business Development, Roku
  • Jody Stark, General Manager, InTech Corp.


12th Floor East
IAB Agency Day at TVOT NYC 2013

The Interactive Advertising Bureau will be collocating an invitation-only Agency Day event at TVOT NYC 2013.


10th Floor
Impresarios of Interactivity

The session will bring together representatives from companies which are developing innovative TV/video platforms, channels and programming that are highly social and interactive and that are seeking to fundamentally re-invent the viewing experience. Yet despite these companies' apparently futurist bent, their innovations are receiving significant financial backing and/or real-world deployment. The session will attempt to identify why serious money and established TV industry players are betting on these companies' ability to convince audiences to embrace their reinvention of television and video as an interactive, social and personalized medium; and will explore the emerging relationship between TV innovation, interactivity and the bottom line. Panelists include:

  • Yoni Bloch, CEO, Interlude
  • Nick DeMartino, Principal, Nick DeMartino Consulting (Co-Moderator)
  • Jake Katz, VP of Audience Insights and Strategy, Revolt TV
  • Adam Lowy, General Manager, Interactive and Advanced TV, Dish Network (Realist/Agent Provocateur)
  • Mike Monello, Chief Creative Officer, Campfire
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (Co-Moderator)
  • Yael Givon, CEO, Stevie

12th Floor West
Enhanced Advertising on Smart TV's: Expanding the Category, Pushing the Envelope

Enhanced-TV advertising on the first screen, while it has received comparatively little coverage in the trade press, is now actually in fairly wide use--though still far from mainstream: companies that have deployed it in the US include Comcast, Cablevision, Dish, DirecTV and TiVo, among others. This session will provide an overview and assessment of deployments to date, and attempt to determine the impact of a new entrant into this already-developed field: automatic content recognition (ACR)-powered enhanced-TV advertising on smart TV's. Questions to be addressed include: What are agencies and brands seeking from single-screen enhanced-TV advertising, and how successful has it proved to date? What business and creative opportunities are presented by the emergence of ACR-powered enhanced-TV advertising on smart TV's, and what challenges will have to be overcome to ensure its wide deployment? How and when will single-screen enhanced-TV advertising achieve critical mass and become a standard weapon in the marketing arsenals of brands and agencies? And what kinds of new, single-screen interactive advertising experiences should we expect to see in the coming months and years? Panelists include:

  • Rob Aksman, Chief Experience Officer, BrightLine
  • Andrew Bloom, SVP of Strategic Business Development, DG
  • Michael Collette, CEO, Cognitive Networks
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
  • Roger Keating, Senior Vice President, Hearst Television
  • Larry Samuels, Senior Partner/Director of Advanced Television, GroupM
  • Wendell Wenjen, Director of Smart TV Advertising and Interactive TV Platforms, LG Electronics

10th Floor
Announcement of the Winner and Runners-Up of the TVOT NYC 2013 Hackathon

The winner of the TVOT NYC 2013 Hackathon will be announced, and the hacks of all three finalists will be showcased. At stake will be a $6,000 Grand Prize, sponsored by Comcast, NBCUniversal and zeebox. Hacks will be judged in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Innovation: Does the hack embody a new and original idea and does it present a bold and exciting vision of the TV of Tomorrow?
  • Execution: Is the hack, as presented, a complete implementation of its concept? Is the presentation well‐prepared with a compelling storyline/pitch?
  • Market Potential: Does the hack solve a real problem in the marketplace, and does it have a promising business model?
  • Use of Sponsor API's: Does the hack make creative use of one or more sponsor API's?

The TVOT Hackathon is hosted by Comcast, NBCUniversal and zeebox. Other sponsors include Samsung Developers, Gracenote, Dish Network and TMS.

10th Floor and Beyond
Holiday Cocktail Party, Sponsored by Rentrak

Among other things, the party will feature whisky and rum tastings, artisanal beers and wines, and a special Rentrak cocktail!