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Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for The TV of Tomorrow Show 2010

[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for The TV of Tomorrow Show 2010 (March 3rd-4th, San Francisco). The schedule is included in full below.

Our PDF version can be downloaded here.

Tickets are now at FULL PRICE of $1275. Tickets can be purchased here.


Schedule of Events for Wednesday, March 3rd

Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking

Forum Room
Welcoming Address by [itvt]

Forum Room
New User Experiences/Platforms of Promise (I)

This showcase session--and a companion session the next day--will feature demos of several new applications and platforms which [itvt]'s editorial staff feel could have a significant impact on the multiplatform interactive TV space going forward, or are at least representative of trends that we believe will be emerging in that space in the not-too-distant future. Some of the showcased technologies have never before been demo'd publicly in the US.

  • Jeff Bonin, SVP, Sales and Business Develompent, Alticast
  • Larry Logan, Chief Marketing Officer, Immersive Media
  • Paul Ranger, Sales and Marketing Director, NDS
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, InteractiveTV Today [itvt] (Moderator)

Screening Room
Better Monetization through Better Counting: Measurement for Advanced TV and Video

As advanced TV and video platforms afford new capabilities, they also create new opportunities and challenges for measurement. Metrics can support the growth of new platforms by reflecting added value created for consumers, content distributors and advertisers. But--to adapt an advertising maxim--"if you can't count it better, you can't sell it better."

This session will look at topics in measurement for linear and non-linear TV, broadband video, mobile video, and other media/platforms. It will also look at issues of cross-platform measurement. Topics to be discussed include the current state of measurement for TV platforms including linear, interactive, addressable, VOD and DVR, as well as for video delivered via broadband, mobile, portable devices, game platforms and CE devices (including connected TV's); how quickly progress is being made toward new metrics currencies, both for currently popular and for emerging advertising units, and what the current status is of engagement metrics; the current status of cross-platform metrics and what impact the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) will have and when; the areas in which demand is most exceeding availability in measurement; the areas in which measurement advances are likely to occur in the coming years; whether the slow pace of advancement in metrics is constraining the growth of advanced video advertising; whether TV Everywhere and OTT should be measured in basically the same way as traditional TV; who owns the data and how best to measure consumer behavior across platforms without violating privacy; and how to ensure consistency of metrics and metrics standards intra- and cross-platform. Panelists include:

  • Andrew Capone, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, NCC
  • Jane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Cathy Hetzel, President, Advanced Media Information Division, Rentrak
  • Todd Juenger, VP and General Manager, Audience Research and Measurement, TiVo
  • Bill Niemeyer, New Video Strategist & Tactician, billniemeyer.tv (Moderator)
  • Tracey Scheppach, SVP/Video Innovations Director, Starcom Worldwide

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Forum Room
Fireside Keynote: thePlatform's Blaine, Boxee's Ronen and A&E's Garner Discuss OTT, TV Everywhere and Other Trends in Online Video

This fireside keynote, moderated by Internet TV expert Tom Morgan, brings together Avner Ronen, founder and CEO of Boxee, one of the more controversial and outspoken companies in the emerging over-the-top (OTT) space; Ian Blaine, founder and CEO of thePlatform, an online video platform provider that has been closely involved in OTT, but that is also at the forefront of the US cable industry's efforts to implement "TV Everywhere," the new programming distribution model that is designed to enable the pay-TV industry to counter the "cord-cutting" threat presented by OTT; and Mark Garner, SVP of distribution, marketing and business development at A&E Television Networks, one of the many programmers that are now being forced to navigate new distribution opportunities and challenges presented by OTT and TV Everywhere. Expect a no-holds-barred discussion on the latest trends in online video, including such topics as OTT and cord-cutting and how they could change market dynamics, how TV Everywhere will attempt to address consumer demand, and how programmers are adapting to a changing content distribution ecosystem.

  • Ian Blaine, CEO, thePlatform
  • Mark Garner, SVP of Distribution, Marketing and Business Development, A&E Television
  • Tom Morgan, CEO, MediaD.tv (Moderator)
  • Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee

Forum Room
Fireside Keynote: Chloe Sladden, Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter, in Conversation with Tracy Swedlow

In this Q&A session with [itvt]'s founder and editor-in-chief Tracy Swedlow, Chloe Sladden, the executive in charge of developing Twitter's relationships with the TV industry, will cast light on the social media/microblogging giant's social TV plans and on how it expects its relationship with the interactive TV industry to evolve going forward.

Forum Room
The Business Case for Social TV

Social TV--which encompasses such phenomena as widgets that bring Twitter and Facebook to the TV screen, online communities of interest centered around specific shows, broadcaster-organized real-life viewing parties, and viewer interaction around broadcasts that are powered by live Internet broadcasting services (including lifecasts by amateurs, broadcasts of major events such as the presidential inauguration, and rebroadcasts by viewers of network TV shows in order to watch them with online friends)--is becoming increasingly central both to the experience and the business of television.

This session, which will focus primarily though not exclusively on the business case for social TV, will address such issues as techniques for using social media to promote and virally distribute programming; interpreting and leveraging new kinds of data on viewing behavior generated by social TV implementations; the potential of social TV--and the increased viewer engagement with content that it entails--to make advertising more engaging and effective; possible risks posed by social TV to programmer and advertiser brands; the applicability to the TV experience of location-based mobile social networking and other new forms of social media; using social TV to facilitate content discovery; how significantly the demographic make-up of the social TV audience differs from that of traditional TV audiences; lessons that the TV industry can learn from online implementations of social TV; the potential advantages of incorporating social TV elements into productions from the ground up, rather than adding them as an afterthought; and the evolving relationship between social and multiplatform TV. Panelists include:

  • John Carlucci, CTO, FreedTV
  • Itzik Cohen, CEO, ClipSync
  • Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO, MediaFriends
  • Kitty Kolding, CEO, House Party
  • Lori Schwartz, SVP and Director of the Interpublic Emerging Media Lab, and Co-Governor of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group (Moderator)
  • Chloe Sladden, Director of Media Partnerships, Twitter
  • Aimee Viles, VP of New Media, Bravo

Screening Room
Advanced Advertising: What Do Marketers and Media Agencies Really Want?

This session, moderated by a high-profile industry player who has long straddled the worlds of advertising/marketing and interactive TV, will examine the business case for interactive (telescoping and RFI) and addressable advertising, as well as for advertising on various other emerging interactive/video platforms (e.g. OTT, VOD, walled gardens, etc.)--from the point of view of the marketers and media agencies whose buy-in will be essential if these new forms of advertising are going to succeed.

Topics to be addressed include the business issues currently faced by each of the main stakeholders (marketers, agencies, advertisers, programmers, network operators)--with a heavy focus on the simple question of "where is the money going to come from?"; how "real" interactive TV and addressable advertising are perceived as being by the marketing/advertising community; which forms of advanced advertising are currently of most interest to that community and its clients; and what interactive TV industry stakeholders need to understand about advertising/media agency culture if ITV advertising is going to be successful. Panelists include:

  • Chris Allen, VP/Director of Video Innovation, Starcom USA
  • Barry Frey, EVP of Advanced Platform Sales, Cablevision
  • Tim Hanlon, Principal, Riverview Lane Associates (Moderator)
  • Jared Iwata, Director of Ad Sales Strategy, Verizon FiOS TV
  • Ryan Jamboretz, Chief Media & Development Officer, TidalTV
  • Chris Pizzuro, Principal, Leap Media Group

Lunch Break, Schmoozing and Networking

1:00-2:00 PM
Forum Room
The iTV Doctor Is In!: The Operating Room

This session--moderated by Rick Howe, author of [itvt]'s popular column, "The iTV Doctor Is In!"--will take a look at the real-world process of deploying and operating interactive TV experiences. Its panelists, who are drawn from companies that are already commercially deploying interactive TV services, will report on what they have learned from their deployments, share viewer feedback and data on those deployments, and provide an in-depth overview of how interactive TV applications are faring in the real world: what is working and what isn't?

The session will be structured so as to focus on the life cycle of an interactive TV application, and on how all the elements of that lifecycle--design, development, testing, certification, deployment, management and metrics--fit together in real-world deployments (or occasionally don't). Panelists include:

  • Jim Elayan, VP of Marketing, itaas
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (Moderator)
  • Scott Higgins, Director of Interactive TV Programming, DISH Network
  • Ed Humphrey, President, Softel-USA
  • Gerry Johnson, Principal, Design & Engineering, HSN
  • David Preisman, VP of Interactive Television, Showtime Networks
  • Tyler Slocum, Senior Director of Advanced Services, DirecTV
  • Sangita Verma, CEO, TAG Networks

Screening Room
The Debate on the Future of the Set-Top Box

Last December, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published a Request for Information that seeks "comment on how the Commission can encourage innovation in the market for video devices that will assist the Commission's development of a National Broadband Plan." Since then, this innocuous-appearing document has generated a flurry of responses from the various stakeholders in the future of the set-top box--including manufacturers, cable, satellite, and consumer advocates--that has laid bare some of the major conflicts between the various players in the set-top box and pay-TV space.

This session, featuring a panel composed of some of the participants in the debate that has raged around the FCC's RFI and moderated by a journalist who has covered the issue in depth, will explore the issues at stake, attempt to predict how they will play out over the coming months, and assess how significantly and in what ways the debate and its outcome will impact the interactive TV industry in general. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News (Moderator)
  • John Bergmayer, Staff Attorney, Public Knowledge
  • Paul Glist, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • Malachy Moynihan, VP of Engineering, Cisco
  • Matthew Zinn, SVP, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Privacy Officer, TiVo

Forum Room
Interactive TV Advertising: Who's Going to Click?

This session brings together leaders from multiple areas of the industry to discuss current and future developments in interactive TV advertising. Questions to be addressed include: What will interactive advertising look like? Do past interactive TV trials or current user behavior on the Internet provide any clues as to which kinds of interactive TV advertising will prove most effective going forward? What types of advertisers will benefit most from interactive TV advertising? What metrics will be used to measure performance? How will the relationship between the emerging fields of interactive and addressable/targeted advertising develop over the coming year or so? And what still has to happen before interactive TV advertising is ubiquitous? Panelists include:

  • Mike Bologna, Director of Emerging Communications, GroupM
  • Sean Bunner, Operating VP of Advanced Services, HSN
  • Ellen Dudar, Chief Product Officer, FourthWall Media
  • Adam Gerber, Chief Marketing Officer, Quantcast
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (Moderator)
  • John Heller, CEO, FreeWheel
  • Erin Hunter, EVP of Media, comScore
  • Keith Kazerman, VP of Advanced Services, National Advertising Sales, DirecTV
  • Peter Low, President and CEO, Ensequence
  • Kevin Smith, VP of Digital Media, Comcast Spotlight
  • Nick Troiano, President, BlackArrow
  • Youssef Tuma, Lead, Digital Media Practice, Accenture
  • Jim Turner, SVP of Product Management, Canoe Ventures
  • Paul Woidke, SVP and General Manager, Advanced Advertising, OpenTV

Screening Room
Re-Inventing the TV Experience through IP and The Cloud

Over the past few years, a number of platforms have emerged that use IP technology and what has come to be known as "The Cloud" to enhance the TV viewing experience--leveraging the Internet to provide viewers with new interactive services and with access to multiple new sources of on-demand video content. In some cases, these platforms are being deployed in traditional TV environments, creating hybrid offerings--although they clearly have the potential to function on a standalone basis, delivering interactivity and content directly to consumers over-the-top via connected TV's and other consumer electronics devices.

This session, featuring a panel of platform providers that are using IP technology and The Cloud in very different ways to enhance the TV experience, will explore this emerging space, focusing on such topics as: how the services enabled by these platforms are presented and marketed to the consumer in hybrid environments; how the platforms are interfacing in hybrid environments with such interactive TV standards and initiatives as EBIF, tru2way and Canoe, and to what extent they should be seen as an alternative to these technologies; how managed IPTV platforms are also leveraging The Cloud and why; how cloud-based services and content are delivered to the TV and which entities control that process; what the advantages--and potential pitfalls--are of a cloud-based approach to interactive TV and on-demand content delivery; what kinds of content partnerships providers of cloud-based platforms are putting in place; what steps they are taking to cultivate a developer community; and what roles they see pay-TV platforms and connected TV/CE devices respectively playing in their roadmaps going forward. Panelists include:

  • Shari Barnett, Marketing Director of Applications for Microsoft Mediaroom, Microsoft
  • Braxton Jarratt, CEO, Clearleap
  • Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading (Moderator)
  • Steve McKay, CEO, Entone
  • Jeff Miller, President and CEO, ActiveVideo Networks
  • Sangita Verma, CEO, TAG Networks
  • Other panelist to be confirmed

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Forum Room
Augmented Reality Meets TV

The past year has seen a string of new developments--as well as growing interest--in augmented reality technology and the interactive video experiences that it enables. Over the past few months, for example, Webcam-based AR has been used by such established entertainment companies as Fox, Paramount and Universal to promote major Blu-ray/DVD and CD releases by delivering supplemental interactive content that consumers can unlock through those releases' packaging; and an entire new genre of AR--in some cases tied with location-based social networking services--has emerged on smartphone platforms. At the same time, however, some observers have questioned whether the growing buzz around AR is premature and could ultimately be problematic for the space (much as the hype around virtual reality in the early 1990's arguably harmed that industry).

This session, which brings together experts at the forefront of the emerging AR space and TV industry players who have long been advocates for the incorporation of new interactive technologies and platforms into the TV experience, will address such issues as how AR can be used to enhance and extend traditional TV programming with multiplatform/360-degree interactive experiences; how socially enabled AR can be incorporated into programmers' existing social TV initiatives; what AR's potential is to break down the barriers between print and video; and what the prospects are for the emergence of new genres of interactive programming that are specifically tailored for AR platforms.

  • Jon Dakss, VP of Technology Product Development, NBC Universal
  • Chetan Damani, Managing Director, acrossair
  • Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, The Opportunity Management Company (Moderator)
  • Keiichi Matsuda, Masters Student, Bartlett School of Architecture, Univ. of London
  • Lisa Murphy, Product Marketing Manager, Metaio
  • Matt Szymczyk, CEO, Zugara
  • Bruno Uzzan, CEO, Total Immersion
  • Other panelist to be confirmed

Screening Room
The Living Room and Beyond: What the New Multiplatform TV Ecosystem Means for Content Providers

This session focuses on the issues faced by both traditional and non-traditional video content providers as they attempt to negotiate a rapidly shifting landscape of emerging TV technologies and platforms. On the one hand, the emergence of over-the-top (OTT)/connected TV/hybrid TV platforms is enabling providers of online video content to reach the living room TV set and compete with traditional TV content providers. On the other hand, both online video providers and traditional broadcast and cable networks are being forced to develop distribution and monetization strategies that address the opportunities and risks presented by the fact that the TV set in the living room is now just one element of a multiplatform television ecosystem.

Topics to be discussed include new tools, technologies and strategies for transitioning online video content to the living room and for managing and tracking the distribution of programming to multiple platforms; whether the emergence of new TV platforms and delivery models is leading to the development of new genres of programming that specifically address the multiplatform TV ecosystem--for example, are content providers taking full advantage of the opportunities for interactivity and social media integration presented by new platforms?; how relationships with viewers/consumers are evolving; new strategies for monetizing content, including advertising, t/vcommerce, bundling, subscription and micropayments; how content providers are promoting their offerings and ensuring that they are easily discoverable by viewers/consumers; and which new technologies and platforms--including the Apple iPad--are likely to have a disruptive impact on the TV/video content business in the coming months. Panelists include:

  • Eric Elia, VP of TV Solutions, Brightcove
  • Amy Friedlander Hoffman, Founder, Priority Digital Media (Moderator)
  • Dave Habiger, President and CEO, Sonic Solutions
  • Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3
  • Joy Marcus, General Manager, North America, Dailymotion
  • Perry Wu, CEO, BitGravity
  • Other panelist to be confirmed

Forum Room
Battle of the Platforms: The Future of Interactive TV

This debate-oriented session, featuring extensive audience participation, is designed to provide some relief at the end of what promises to be a day of very intense discussion, while at the same time addressing a very important question: Which platform or platforms will prove most important to the future of interactive TV and why?

A panel comprised of passionate champions of a range of interactive TV platforms--including cable, satellite, IPTV, hybrid and OTT--as well as other interested parties, will argue the importance of each of those platforms to the future of the ITV industry. The debate will then be thrown open to the audience, culminating with up-or-down votes on each of the platforms, votes on which platform is the most underrated and which is the most overhyped, as well as a vote on the more general question: Does the future of interactive TV lie in operator-managed or in open/unmanaged environments? Panelists include:

  • Clayton Banks, President and Executive Producer, Ember Media
  • Shari Barnett, Marketing Director of Applications for Microsoft Mediaroom, Microsoft
  • Jim Funk, VP of Business Development, Roku
  • Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, Senior Director of Advanced Services, Starz Entertainment Group
  • Bob Perry, EVP, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
  • Mike Ryan, CEO, A Different Engine
  • Frank Sandoval, Principal Architect, CableLabs
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, InteractiveTV Today [itvt] (Moderator)
  • Edgar Villalpando, SVP of Marketing, ActiveVideo Networks
  • Other panelist to be confirmed

Screening Room
Also of Interest: Interactive Digital Signage, Machinima, Digital Storytelling

This session features presentations on three areas of interactive endeavor that [itvt] believes will be of great interest to TVOT attendees, even though they do not fall strictly under the rubric of interactive TV. Digital signage expert, Louis M. Brill, will deliver a presentation entitled "Digital Signage: Touching the Roar of the Crowd," in which he will discuss the convergence of television with digital signage and explain why interactive outdoor signage should be considered a "next-stage television platform." Allen DeBevoise, chairman and CEO of Machinima.com, will deliver a presentation on machinima and the convergence of the video game industry and Hollywood. And Hillel Cooperman, founder of Jackson Fish Market, will discuss A Story Before Bed, a new service which, among other things, allows grandparents to record themselves reading a book, and then email a digital version of the book, along with video of themselves reading it, to their grandchildren. The session will also feature a special New User Experiences/Platforms of Promise presentation by David Kaiser, CEO of Coincident.tv.  This session is moderated by Suzanne Stefanac, Director of the AFI Digital Content Lab.

Reception, Schmoozing, Networking and...

The 7th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television

[itvt] will present our 7th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television at a ceremony at the TV of Tomorrow Show.

The Awards, which debuted in 2004 at the NCTA National Show in New Orleans, honor industry-shaping companies, organizations and individuals. They recognize excellence in eight categories:

  • "Most Significant Impact": the company or organization that has had the most significant impact on the industry as a whole over the past year (i.e. February 17th, 2009 through February 17th, 2010).
  • "Most Significant Newcomer": the company or organization that was the most significant newcomer/breakthrough player of the past year.
  • "Most Significant Technology, Platform or Product": the company or organization that invented the most innovative and disruptive technology, platform or product of the past year. 
  • "Most Significant Content Offering": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive content offering of the past year.
  • "Most Innovative Design or User Interface": the company or organization that created the most innovative and disruptive design/user interface/content-navigation schema of the past year.
  • "Individual Leadership I": an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward.
  • "Individual Leadership II": an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward.
  • "ITV All-Star": an individual who has a long-term track record of leadership in the interactive multiplatform television industry, and who is an appropriate candidate for membership in an ITV Hall of Fame.

The Click Awards

This year [itvt] is introducing the Click Awards, a new sub-category of the Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television. Initially, they will recognize creative excellence in three emerging areas of broadband/Internet video:

  • Interactive Video Programming (i.e. programming that includes annotations, hotspotting, and other forms of clickable video).
  • Interactive Video Advertising/Marketing.
  • Interactive Video Commerce (vcommerce).



Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking

Forum Room
Welcoming Address by [itvt] and Comments by Governors of the American Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group (IMPG) - Geoff Katz and Lori Schwartz

Forum Room
Fireside Keynote: Robert Perry, EVP of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, in Conversation with Leslie Ellis

Robert Perry, the executive responsible for the operational leadership of the US consumer electronics business within the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company of Panasonic North America, will provide an overview of the current state and the future of the interactive/advanced TV space from the perspective of the CE industry--at a time when the CE industry is widely acknowledged to be playing an increasingly important role in the ITV space. Topics to be addressed include connected TV and how it will impact the traditional pay-TV industry; tru2way and other areas of co-operation between the CE and pay-TV industries; what the CE industry's championing of 3D TV means for other arms of the television industry; and more. After delivering a brief address, Perry will engage in a Q&A session with Leslie Ellis, author of Multichannel News's popular "Translation Please" column.

Forum Room
Fireside Keynote: Steve Reynolds, SVP of Premises Technology at Comcast, in Conversation with Leslie Ellis

In this Q&A session with Leslie Ellis, author of Multichannel News's popular "Translation Please" column, Steve Reynolds, a senior technology executive at Comcast who has a key role in that company's interactive TV strategy and its implementation, will explain the technological issues that are involved when a major cable operator prepares for a nationwide roll-out of EBIF-based ITV, and provide a soup-to-nuts overview of the technical side of enabling interactive advertising on TV. Topics to be discussed, among many others, include lessons learned this year and last, what has worked to date and what hasn't, and goals for 2010.

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Forum Room
New User Experiences/Platforms of Promise (II)

This showcase session--and a companion session the previous day--will feature demos of several new applications and platforms which [itvt]'s editorial staff feel could have a significant impact on the multiplatform interactive TV space going forward, or are at least representative of trends that we believe will be emerging in that space in the not-too-distant future. Some of the showcased technologies have never before been demo'd publicly in the US. Thursday's session will also feature a special presentation by Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music on "sonic branding" and its relevance to the interactive TV space.

  • Joel Beckerman, CEO, Man Made Music
  • Jeff Crouse and Aaron Meyers, Co-CEO's, YouTubing
  • Bill Sheppard, Chief Digital Media Officer, Java Development Group, Oracle Corp.
  • Suzanne Stefanac, Director of the AFI Digital Content Lab (Moderator)

Screening Room
Academic Outreach: Planting Seeds for the Future of Interactive TV App Concept and Design

Interactive application development has been taking place at select US universities for many years, with some of it targeted towards deployment on television, but most of it not. In an increasingly multiplatform
world, can interactive TV have a seat in the classroom, in order to connect student developers with the tools, training and testing necessary to develop deployable apps?

This session brings together interactive media academics, application platform evangelists, and heads of application developer programs to show real-world examples of how interactive TV app design, creation and testing are becoming part of the curriculum. Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, Director of Insight and Research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University
  • Idan Cohen, Co-Founder, Boxee
  • Will Kreth, Senior Director of Advanced Video and Corporate Strategy, Time Warner Cable, and Founder of OEDN (Moderator)
  • Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, Director of Interactive Video Services, Verizon FiOS TV
  • Walden Miller, VP of Services, enableTV
  • Joshua Seiden, Senior Director of Engineering and Product Development, Comcast Media Center
  • Shawn Van Every, Lecturer, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University

Forum Room
Innovations in Interactive and Multiplatform TV Design

A panel composed of the actual people who are determining how we will all experience television in the future will explore the role played by design in the development of new TV services and video navigation systems. The session will also feature a special presentation by Dale Herigstad of Schematic on 10 recent design innovations that are likely to impact the TV of tomorrow.

Issues to be addressed by the panel include how emerging phenomena such as OTT, 3D TV, augmented reality, hotspotting/overlays, social TV, and cloud computing are presenting new design opportunities and challenges and how they might impact traditional TV design; design strategies for seamlessly incorporating interactive TV applications, widgets and app/content stores into the TV interface--how best to design for an increasingly complex TV experience?; how good design can facilitate content discovery; the evolving relationship between designing living-room and multiplatform TV experiences, and how to ensure design consistency across platforms while addressing each platform's unique requirements; smartphones and other technologies with the potential to influence TV design; whether tool vendors are developing the kinds of resources that TV designers need; the relationship between design and consumer research and usability testing; and how real-world consumers are reacting to innovative TV designs. Panelists include:

  • John Gilles, VP of Media and Entertainment, Method
  • Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer, Schematic
  • Brian David Johnson, Consumer Experience Architect, Intel
  • Gerard Kunkel, SVP of User Experience and Product Design, Comcast
  • David Merkoski, Executive Creative Director, Frog Design
  • Stephanie Otto, CEO, Brainstorm Communications
  • Dewey Reid, Chief Creative Officer, 84ºWest (Moderator)

Screening Room
Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Recommendations and Guidance?

With an ever-increasing array of programming choices now available to viewers through such channels as VOD and OTT, the problem of how to ensure that those viewers can find the content that is actually of interest to them is more pressing than ever. Is it possible to have a TV experience wherein the perfect program is always available every time the viewer turns on the TV? Can artificial intelligence--which has been successfully implemented to facilitate content discovery on music-driven services like Pandora and iTunes--help create a smarter and better TV experience?

This session will explore the potential impact of artificial intelligence technology--and the recommendation engines and personalization that it enables--on business models, user interfaces, and other areas of the TV experience. Issues to be addressed include how an AI-powered personal TV experience will impact content bundling and a la carte take rates; the viability of requiring viewers to log into the TV in order to benefit from personalization; which early implementations of AI-based content recommendation technologies have proven most effective; the extent to which skepticism about AI-based guidance/recommendations is warranted; and the relationship between AI-based recommendation engines and content discovery systems that are based on social media. Panelists include:

  • Patrick Donoghue, SVP of Strategic Product Development, Cablevision (Moderator)
  • Yoram Granit, CEO, Bee.TV
  • Michele McGarry, VP of Business Development, ThinkAnalytics
  • Paul Ranger, Sales and Marketing Director, NDS
  • Tom Weiss, CEO, TV Genius
  • Trent Wheeler, VP of Product Management, Rovi Corp.

Lunch Break, Schmoozing and Networking

Forum Room
The Re-Emergence of Tcommerce

The potential of interactive TV to monetize programming via commerce has been recognized since the medium's beginnings, with tcommerce functionality forming a key component of the pioneering ITV deployments, QUBE and Full Service Network. Although the industry's initial failure to implement viable tcommerce services became such a sore point that it was eventually immortalized by the somewhat rueful inside joke, "Jennifer Aniston's sweater" (a reference to early tcommerce proponents' oft-repeated pitch that "if you're watching 'Friends,' you'll be able to use your remote to click on Jennifer Aniston's sweater and instantly buy it"), the past few years have seen trials and commercial deployments of tcommerce functionality on several systems, and these are expected to expand dramatically over the coming months.

This session, which features several of the executives who are leading these new tcommerce deployments, will address such issues as what the infrastructural requirements (payment and fulfillment backend, etc.) are for a functioning tcommerce system; what the key characteristics are of a successful consumer-facing tcommerce application; how significant a role tcommerce will play in the cable industry's efforts to build a common interactive advertising platform; and how successfully today's tcommerce deployments have overcome the problems that dogged earlier deployments. Panelists include:

  • Jonathan Bokor, Partner, Arise Communications (Moderator)
  • Sean Bunner, Operating VP of Advanced Services, HSN
  • Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO, Delivery Agent
  • Patrick Gates, CEO, icueTV
  • Homer Gonzalez III, Director of Products and Services, Comcast Media Center
  • Russell Nomer, CIO, ICE Innovative Technologies
  • Kosta Skoulikaris, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Experian

Screening Room
App Stores and Widgets

The app store/widget model is becoming ever more widespread in the TV space, with app stores now being offered by established pay-TV operators, by connected TV manufacturers, and by upstart OTT platforms, enabling viewers to personalize their TV experience more than ever before.

This session will take stock of how this emerging space has developed over the past year or so and attempt to predict its future trajectory. Topics to be discussed include open versus closed app store models; cultivating developer communities and establishing approval processes for open app store models; what kinds of interactive TV widgets are proving most popular with consumers and why; best practices for designing widgets and for integrating app stores into the TV user interface; video-enabled widgets and their potential to disrupt established content delivery models; advertising, tcommerce, micropayments, revenue sharing and other strategies for monetizing app stores and widgets; and whether there is a need for standardization in the widget space. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Allen, Founder, Andelan Ventures (Moderator)
  • Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo Broadband
  • Alex Limberis, COO, Syabas Technology
  • Arlo Rose, Senior Director of Product Management and Design, Yahoo! Connected TV
  • Tyler Slocum, Senior Director of Advanced Services, DirecTV
  • Steve Tranter, VP of Broadband and Interactive, NDS
  • Peter Yared, CEO, Transpond
  • Rachelle Zoffer, Director of Interactive TV and International Programming, Verizon FiOS TV

Forum Room
EBIF and tru2way Today and Tomorrow

This session, which brings together top technology officers from CableLabs and Canoe Ventures and prominent stakeholders from the interactive TV technology and programming spaces, will explore the current status--and attempt to predict the future--of the cable industry-backed ETV/EBIF and tru2way standards. It will also provide an opportunity to examine the capabilities of the new EBIF IO6 specification, which was unveiled in early February, and to pinpoint some of the key issues around EBIF that will be discussed in even greater depth at the EBIF Intensive event the following day.

Topics to be addressed include lessons that have been learned from early EBIF deployments; ensuring functional consistency across EBIF user agents; the future of the testing process for EBIF applications; strategies for accelerating the process of on-boarding already-tested EBIF applications, and for templatizing such application specifics as file size, functionality, data capture and user interface; tying EBIF applications into MSOs' diverse billing systems; features and functionality that should be added to future implementations of the EBIF spec; and the relationships going forward between EBIF, tru2way and IP to the set-top box. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Bonin, SVP of Sales and Business Development, Alticast
  • Brandon Brown, CEO, Zodiac Interactive
  • Ryan Currier, VP of Product Management, TVWorks
  • Jon Dakss, VP of Technology Product Development, NBC Universal
  • Don Dulchinos, SVP of Advanced and Interactive Services, CableLabs
  • Aslam Khader, Chief Product Officer, Ensequence (Moderator)
  • Arthur Orduna, CTO, Canoe Ventures
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, Senior Director of Advanced Services, Starz Entertainment Group

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Venture Capitalist Roundtable

A panel of venture capitalists will attempt to cast light on which emerging TV/video technologies, platforms and media--including OTT, TV Everywhere, social TV, hybrid TV, live personal broadcasting, interactive TV widgets, augmented reality, addressable/interactive advertising, micropayment systems, and more--are currently of most interest to the VC and angel-investor communities and why. It will also attempt to determine which markets, both domestic and international, investors view as holding the most potential for each of these technologies and platforms. Panelists include:

  • John Gowen, VP/Head, Liberty Global International Ventures
  • David Horowitz, Managing Director, Comcast Interactive Capital
  • Gary Lauder, Managing Partner, Lauder Partners
  • Alexander Marquez, Director of Strategic Investments, Intel Capital
  • Seth Shapiro, Principal, New Amsterdam Media (Moderator)

Schmoozing and Networking Break

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The iVideo Revolution: What Can the TV Industry Learn from Interactive Broadband Video Deployments?

Video on the Internet is becoming increasingly interactive, thanks to a broad array of available tools that enable hotspotting, clickable overlays and other types of viewer interaction. In fact, many examples of the kinds of interactive commerce, advertising and programming that we anticipate seeing on our TV screens in the next couple of years have already launched commercially on the Web--providing the TV industry with what would appear to be an extremely valuable resource for determining how consumers are likely to respond to interactive TV, what will work, and what won't.

This session will introduce and compare some of the major interactive broadband video platforms on the market today, and attempt to identify the lessons the TV industry can learn from those platforms' real-world deployments. Topics to be addressed include what evidence there is that interactivity makes broadband video advertising and commerce more effective and keeps viewers more engaged with programming; how successful broadband interactive video deployments have been at generating customer/viewer data, and how those deployments have adapted in light of lessons learned from that data; and what the implications are for the broadband interactive video space of emerging phenomena such as OTT and TV Everywhere that blur the lines between TV and the Internet. Panelists include:

  • Nick Alt, CEO, ConciseClick
  • Scott Broomfield, CEO, Veeple
  • Rob Polonsky, Principal, ChadMattandRob.com
  • Michael Fink, Software Engineer/Inventor of YouTube Annotations, YouTube
  • Babak Maghfourian, CEO, VideoClix
  • Abe McCallum, CEO, Clikthrough
  • Brian Rogers, CEO, evenhere
  • Shane Steele, VP of Marketing, Tremor Media
  • Tracy Swedlow, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (Moderator)
  • Roger Wu, CEO, Klickable.TV

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OTT vs. TV Everywhere

This session--which is designed to complement and build upon Wednesday's keynote discussion between thePlatform's Ian Blaine, Boxee's Avner Ronen and A&E Television Networks' Mark Garner--will attempt to determine how severe a threat over-the-top (OTT) delivery of programming content is to cable and other players in the pay-TV space. And, if it is indeed a threat, whether the "TV Everywhere" distribution model will succeed in winning back the hearts and eyeballs of the Internet generation and discouraging "cord-cutting."

Issues to be addressed include whether and how rapidly OTT viewing/cord-cutting will become a mass-market phenomenon, and what kinds of infrastructural/bandwidth conditions will need to be in place for this to happen; how, if at all, the typical OTT viewer differs from the typical pay-TV viewer; the future prospects of the different platforms--standalone set-top boxes, Blu-ray disc players, connected TV's and games consoles--that are delivering OTT content; what kinds of alliances/partnerships OTT platform providers are building in order to make their offerings a viable and attractive alternative to pay TV; the extent to which the slow decline in cable video subscriptions can be attributed to the emergence of OTT; whether early implementations of TV Everywhere are being explained and marketed to consumers effectively, and how consumers are actually responding to those implementations; what kinds of technological issues--in authentication and other areas--have arisen in early TV Everywhere deployments; why--in contrast to their UK counterparts--US broadcasters/programmers are in many cases still reluctant to commit their assets to the wild world of the Internet until revenue models fully establish themselves, and what--if any--are the dangers to established content providers of this wait-and-see attitude; and whether OTT and TV Everywhere--both of which bring the Internet and TV closer together (thus bringing programming into relation with such Internet phenomena as social media and vcommerce)--will change the nature of TV programming itself as opposed to simply altering TV's distribution model. Panelists include:

  • Colin Dixon, Practice Manager, Broadband Video, The Diffusion Group (Moderator)
  • Vic Odryna, CEO, ZeeVee
  • Marty Roberts, VP of Marketing, thePlatform
  • Guy Tennant, SVP of Digital Media Solutions, Irdeto
  • Herve Utheza, President, RCDb
  • Ian Valentine, Executive Director and Chief Architect, Miniweb
  • David Allred, SVP Marketing and Product Management, Sezmi

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Trend Analysis: Panel Discussion and Open Mic

Over the course of the show's two days, [itvt]'s editorial staff will put together an ad-hoc panel which, among other panelists, will include members of the audience who have distinguished themselves during the show with interesting perspectives, questions and feedback. Then, through dialog with this panel and through an interactive Q&A with the audience, we will attempt to identify and analyze some of the interactive TV trends that came to light during the show, and also to promote a dialog on any important topics in the ITV space that the panelists and the audience would like to see covered in more depth in the [itvt] newsletter over the coming months and in next year's TV of Tomorrow Show. Panelists include:

  • Paula Byrne, CEO, Pushbutton
  • Eric Gould Bear, CEO, MONKEYmedia
  • Paul Haddad, VP & GM, Media Data & Advertising Solutions, Concurrent
  • Andrew Keen, Author, The Cult of the Amateur
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, InteractiveTV Today [itvt]
  • Matt Welton, VP of Creative Development & US Sales, never.no
  • Other Panelists to be confirmed



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