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This session will examine what has been learned to date from real-world deployments of t-commerce on pay-TV platforms and of v-commerce on the Web; and will also explore how the companies behind these early deployments, as well as other emerging players in the space -- including companies with solutions for contextual commerce, second-screen commerce, social media-powered commerce and more -- see t- and v-commerce evolving in the future. Panelists will address such topics as: How consumers are responding to t- and v-commerce apps; whether broadcasters and networks believe that programming-contextual t-commerce could become a significant part of their revenue mix; how new phenomena, such as the emergence of automatic content recognition and the increasing popularity of connected-TV and second-screen devices, are likely to impact t-commerce going forward; the challenges involved in developing a payment and fulfillment infrastructure; the most effective ways to incorporate "hotspotting" and other commerce triggers into video content; and whether t-commerce -- and the direct monetization of programming and advertising that it promises to make possible -- could fundamentally transform the economics of television.

Panelists include:

  • Jeff Bonin (Principal, JAB Consulting)
  • Tom Freeman (CEO, Splat Interactive)
  • Tony Hilton (President, ICE Innovative Technologies)
  • Michael Huegel (CEO, icueTV)
  • Abe McCallum (CEO, Clikthrough)
  • Patrick Peters (EVP and General Manager of Programming, FourthWall Media)
  • Susan Rits (CEO, Zazum)
  • Malcom Stanley (General Manager of Monetization, SeaChange International)