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Special Presentation: Interactive TV: What Works? What Doesn't? And Why?

Dr. Duane Varan, Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the Disney Media & Advertising Lab, and Professor and Executive Director of the Audience Research Labs at Murdoch University, will share insights from the $7 million (and counting) Beyond Thirty Seconds research project, which has conducted over 10,000 lab?based studies exploring the changing media landscape.

Among other things, Varan's presentation will identify factors that contribute to successful interactive TV campaigns, expose tactics that fail, and help explain why these differences appear. The presentation will address such questions as: Are interactive ads superior to linear ads? And if so, why? What interactive ad models work best? What creative execution factors are most (and least) effective on interactive TV platforms? What frequency is optimal for interactive TV campaigns? Is addressability more efficient, effective, or both? And how can these insights be applied to other new media platforms? The presentation will conclude with strategic insights to guide future interactive campaigns.

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