Sam Pemberton

Industry Analyst (Advisor and Former CEO, Softel)
Miranda Technologies

During his career Pemberton has provided sound strategic leadership, designed and implemented significant change programs, founded a tech company, overseen an international divestiture, led a group of companies, and has run a very successful M&A process.

He holds a Joint Honors Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Economics from Manchester (UK) and an MBA from Reading (UK).

Pemberton is former CEO of Softel and a senior industry analyst focused on important media sectors. Softel (now part of a Miranda Technologies, a Belden Brand) is a well-established and successful technology company providing ancillary/metadata solutions – such as those for subtitling and interactivity – to the global media sector.

In his early career Pemberton was a software developer, and a project engineer, before moving in to solutions sales. He played a leading role in defining, negotiating and securing successful installations of highly complex hardware and software systems.

In 2001 he span off Softel-USA, LLC in California. Under Pemberton’s stewardship, Softel-USA expanded quickly and in 2004 added a metro New York office. The company established itself as the leading supplier of metadata systems to the North American broadcast media market.

In 2007 Pemberton returned to Softel in Pangbourne (UK) to take over as Chairman & CEO of a group of companies, including the highly respected Aston Broadcast graphics company. Between 2007 and 2012 Pemberton designed and oversaw a major change program. The overhaul included radical changes in culture as well as a total re-architecting of technologies and product lines in line with identified future trends and global market needs. Despite deep recessions in many of the company’s worldwide markets, Softel significantly out-performed the SME media tech market, boasting impressive revenue growth and enviable profit numbers.

At the start of 2013, Softel was strategically acquired by Miranda Technologies (and is thereby part of Belden - a highly prestigious and sizable technology company). Although Pemberton stepped down as CEO in spring 2013, he continues in an advisory capacity with the company.