Anthony Rose

Co-Founder and CTO

Anthony Rose is co-founder and CTO of zeebox, a new platform that turns live TV into a two-way, social and interactive viewing experience. 

Previously he headed up BBC iPlayer from 2007 to 2010, taking it from pre-launch to major success story.  Recognising the fact that consumers wanted all their media in one place, Anthony moved to YouView in May 2010 to create an open next-gen connected TV platform with aggregated content from lots of providers. 

Prior to his time at the BBC Anthony was at Altnet and Kazaa, creating a digital music store and download application, and before that at Brilliant Digital, building a real-time 3D engine and tools for creating interactive branching-plot movies ? ironically, he comments, "about 15 years too early" with the new generation of connected TVs leading to a rebirth of this medium. 

Before getting into 3D and software, he was into electronics design and was fairly certain he was the only kid on the block with a conveyor belt surface mount reflow soldering machine and robot pick ?n place circuit assembly machine in his study.